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Brokerage services in the securities market of Kazakhstan

Carry out transactions with securities in Kazakhstan easily and conveniently at competitive commissions

Brokerage services in the international financial market

The partners of the company are the largest investment houses and online brokers. It allows the company’s customers to rely on the best service conditions in the international financial market

Consulting support

The company has a large staff of professional analysts, covering a wide variety of issues – from preparing macroeconomic and industry reports to assessing the value of securities and analyzing their risks

Assistance in drawing up an investment portfolio

Given the fact that each potential investor is distinguished by its risk tolerance, we will help to create a portfolio of securities that will best meet the criteria of the investment horizon, profitability and general risk level

Organization of corporate placements

Thanks to the established infrastructure, the company will help issuers at all securities Issue Stages – from the moment of registration of the relevant prospectuses and the passage of the exchange listing to the actual placement among investors

FHS Services

First Heartland Securities JSC is part of a large FH group, which also includes a commercial bank – First Heartland Jysan Bank JSC and its subsidiaries


First Heartland Securities JSC is constantly looking for solutions to improve the comfort of providing investment services to its customers. Already today, the progress on some of them has been noted with satisfaction

hours 7 days a week access to your investments

various investment instruments

variations of investment plans

reviews and investment ideas


We have created our own technological products that will allow you to select the best investment products, make transactions anywhere in the world and at any time


The company has been operating in the Kazakhstani securities market for more than 20 years, it has all the necessary licenses and currently has significant accumulated resources to provide a full range of investment services


Do not hesitate and contact us for a detailed consultation. After sending your contact details, our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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You can also directly call the specialists of the Sales and Customer Service Department of the company:
Gulzhan Rashova +7 (727) 344 29 00 (ext. 123) g.rashova@fhs.kz