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Brokerage service
Purchase and sale of securities on Kazakhstan and international exchanges

First Heartland Securities brokerage service is a long-term experience of a highly qualified team, fast and comfortable processes and the most profitable investment ideas

Our services

We offer stock market brokerage services. Becoming our client, you get the opportunity to trade on all world stock exchanges and make transactions on:

  • Purchase and sale of shares and corporate bonds of Kazakhstan and world companies
  • Investments in government securities and Eurobonds
  • Structural Product Investment
  • Algorithmic trading

Our advantages

Analytical materials
A strong team of analysts provides the best analytical reviews of the markets, securities and corporations daily
Trading terminal
Our personal account will allow you to control your financial assets in real time from anywhere in the world
Trading work
The trading works developed by us are able to analyze the market and carry out transactions in the stock markets

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  • For individuals. A copy of an identity card, an address certificate (with an actual period of issue of not more than 6 months), bank details in the currency of KZT.
  • For legal entities. A notarized copy of the charter (In the presence of) or the article of incorporation. A notarized copy of a reference or certificate of state registration (re-registration) of a legal entity. Decision on the appointment of a person authorized to sign documents. A copy of the identity card of the person authorized to sign the documents.


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