Corporate Placements

We will develop an individual investment plan for you
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For corporate clients and private investors, our support is in the development and implementation of an investment strategy in the conditions of rapidly changing financial markets.

Investment goals

Developing your investment goals, investment time horizons and determining the level of risk that you are ready to accept.

Investment portfolio

Determination of levels of potential income and preservation of capital. Formation of a diversified portfolio consisting of different asset classes.

Investment instruments

Implementation of an investment strategy, which involves filling the portfolio with suitable investment products – stocks, bonds, structural products.


Continuous support of your investment portfolio. Regular reviews of investment dynamics, assistance in timely rebalancing of the portfolio in accordance with its investment strategy.

More effective investment

More effective investment

Practical experience

High level of service

Personal approach

When developing an Investment Strategy, we appoint you a personal manager who selects an investment strategy, forms a portfolio of securities and monitors it together with you.


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*The selected distribution of assets, as well as possible consultations on filling the portfolio with one or another investment product are not a guide to action, an offer or recommendation for transactions, but represent only one of the possible investment options. The choice of actions, strategies and concepts, as well as the actual distribution of assets and the conclusion of any transactions with securities is carried out only by a decision made by the client.

Please note: investment products are not insured by the state, are not a bank deposit, are not guaranteed by the bank. They may lose value, including the possible loss of the amount of the main investment. A certain return in the past is not a guarantee of the same return in the future.